Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day Thoughts

Today my thoughts went to my family members who served and are no longer with us. I guess with the war going on and and the talk of sending more to Afghanistan and my Grandson being one of the 'more' He enlisted a few months ago, got sworn in and he leaves for basic in January...So this post is to honor them. My grandfather, Elmer who was a Canadian, served during World War I. My Dad served during the Korean conflict and my brother, Sam served during Desert Storm. So now it is Joe ...

To lighten this up in a way that my grandfather, father and brother would have appreciated as well as Joey. Dog loving is in our DNA. So here they are, just a while ago. The working of the wood stove is very serious business...they make sure that each step is observed in the lighting of the stove.

Then they relax...

Thanks for reading Have a great evening. Peace.

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