Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Blues

Not sure what more to write about. So this may be short. Went to church this morning. After I took a ride and visited a few antique shops. I love doing that. I don't buy anything unless it is so inexpensive and I absolutely love it. I just like to browse kind of absently. I then came home and have just again done nothing. I suppose I really celebrated the Sabbath by not doing anything. Why do I always think I should be doing something. I am still tired and looking forward to bed. So I am either fighting a cold or flu( hope not ) or I am depressed, maybe both. If it gets darker any earlier I might as well not even get out of bed. I am affected by the winter darkness but I have a propensity for depression anyway. Nothing to be ashamed of, it is what it is...So I am feeling like I lead a pretty boring life these days, I can't seem to find anything to write about. That's it. Running out of steam. Have a good evening. Thanks for reading.

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