Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankgiving Night

It is almost midnight and I am thinking about the day we had and my heart is full. The food was plentiful. We were together with love and cooperation. No one felt overworked. There was even a little backlog for the oven in order to heat things up, but no problem, no one became impatient. Julie even had a grease fire in her oven which meant some things had to come back here to finish heating. Good thing my home is only 5 houses away from hers...but it all came together and we were are seated and eating, talking and as usual, laughing together.

My grandson graced us with a little music today. He is a senior this year and thinking about college. The plan is study music and teach. So tonight his dad, my son called after we had all gone home to let me know that they had started the application process online with three colleges here in state. It is exciting to hear their plans and watch as they carry them out.

One of my grandson's started college this fall and he is studying art. It was so cool when he asked last night if I wanted to see his work so far, as he had brought home his portfolio to finish a project for his design class. Are you kidding me...of course I want to see it all! So yes, it is great to be able to share their lives. Six grandsons and one grand daughter and I am very proud of them all. Rachel announced tonight that she is going to audition at a local theater for an up and coming production. Theater has always been her passion. So maybe that is what I am so pleased about, thankful for... that they have passions and they are going after them. Another in college exploring and has mentioned some interest in engineering another just beginning high school who loves sports and has already asked me about college and sports. Then there is the one leaving in January for the Army. We will be listening closely Tuesday evening when the President speaks from West Point...He tried Magic Cookie Bars and loved them so you know one of the things I'll be shipping regularly. My oldest grandson is still trying to find his own way. So there are seven people I am thankful for...but then I have a very long list.

I am a grateful woman tonight, as I said, my heart is full. We were missing a few people at the table but prayed for them and our gratefulness for what we did have this year...That is all one can do.

I get to do this again on Sunday. My friend holds Thanksgiving II her children, friends, children of friends, for all of us to be together as everyone does so many different things on Thanksgiving Day. So let the season begin...
Thanks for reading. Peace...

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