Sunday, November 8, 2009

Soup and Bread...

My friend, Karole makes the best soup and bread. My favorite being her potato leek. So during the colder months, usually once a month she invites us for soup and bread and community, to be served after church. She will serve more than one soup and she makes her own fresh bread and we feast on soup, bread, desert and each other. Each month the dynamics are different. She has 7 children each with families of their own and then there are friends and our families...Today was quiet as most had other plans. After dinner we all piled outside to watch the raking of the leaves into giant piles so the little ones could dive into them, over and over...I remember doing that when my children were small and for a few minutes I was missing my babies. Heck I was even remembering myself jumping into piles of leaves. It was the best fun.

I hope your Sunday was a good one. Thanks for visiting. Peace.

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