Friday, November 6, 2009

Peaceful Friday

Our first cord of wood for the season was delivered this it is official. Winter is bearing down on us.

My friend, Cindy invited me to paint with her and two other friends of hers at the Roger Williams Park Botanical Garden. What a gem, and in my own back yard ... I never visited it before this. I was so overwhelmed with all of plants and in some cases very large plants. There were some tropical flowers, orchids, banana trees, carnivorous plants and a koi pond. It was a peaceful way to spend a Friday afternoon. I walked around and took a lot of pictures, then finally sat down to draw. It was hard to settle down. I haven't painted in a while. I started to but I still felt wound up. So I found something that interested me and a bench, poured some tea and began to just draw the plant in front of me and the tension and cares just poured out of me...time disappeared. Oh yes, this is why... So, not much accomplished but meeting some nice people, two simple line drawings and many pictures, delicate washes, all in my sketchbook...

just those simple things are enough to get me going again, to prime the pump... I let everything take priority, some things certainly were unavoidable but others could have been re-thought. So I came away with some further clarity on what is important to me. Oh, and I was given the date when we will meet again to do whatever we want, paint, draw, take photos...the point is they they invited me back. For that I am grateful, for I had been hoping for such a group.

Here we have the wood stove beauties. I have disturbed them by moving. The looks on there faces shows it too.

Thanks for reading...Peace

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