Thursday, November 29, 2007

Days of Anticipation

I see I have not posted in 2 months. Where are those two months? What have I been doing I ask myself. Quite a bit actually, it has been an extremely busy time which appears to be winding down. It is not good to be that busy but sometimes it just happens I suppose with not much one can do about it.
But I switch gears now and I am trying to quiet down. The time of year we find ourselves in helps me do that. It is darker, grayer. Sunday, December 2 is the beginning of Advent and that is what I plan to celebrate. The days are getting shorter with less and less light available so we light candles set in a circular candle holder that is wrapped with greens in anticipation of the birth of Christ and it happens to coincide with the shortening days leading to that place on the calender where it all switches and the days slowly grow in length again, Light. We are waiting for Light...
So that is what this season will be for me. Not big shopping deals, no craziness, not even 6 dozen cookies for exchanges. I feel the need to keep it all centered and simple.
Cosmo is still with us although showing signs of slowing down.
I am weaving and keeping my brushes wet, but again, even there, trying to keep it simple. First I have a white and cranberry wool yarns scarf on one loom, actually it will produce three scarves. The pattern is found in Hands On Weaving and Handwoven's Design Collection 3. It is Dornick Twill(4 harness reverse broken twill) - 1234,2143. This is number two. One more to go.Then on the next loom I have a shawl, using plain weave, that is close to finished . The yarn is my handspun. So far I have no trouble weaving with my handspun, and I use it for warp and weft. I have a warp for another shawl ready to go on when ever one of the looms frees up and more warps to wind...

Have a great day and thanks for reading.