Thursday, January 31, 2008

What Is Art?...

I stumbled upon this video made by a group called Creature Comforts. It made me laugh so much that I had to watch it a few more times in order to hear the comments. So I have decided it should be shared... what with all the blues and funk we all seem to be suffering from. My favorite is the dog. Gee, no surprise there.

Another thought is to get your hands on a book by one of my favorite authors, Ann Lamott, called Traveling Mercies. Read the book of course but fast forward to the chapter called "The Aunties". Funny stuff, guys, funny, funny stuff...

Have a great day and I really hope this has made you smile and thanks for reading or viewing.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Inspiring Days

I was out looking for some enamel ware in the local antique and used shops. The enamel was just the excuse I needed to go on a hunt. I like hunts. A chance to go out alone and clear my head, no rushing, no agenda, just be...I thought some enamel bowls would make good water containers on my drafting table. I tire of looking at the cool whip containers...I was successful in that not only did I find two the same but they had covers. The covers are a good thing as my cat enjoys watercolor water and walking across the palette and leaving her paw prints on anything that might be on the table. This, of course, is without my encouragement, as with most of what Abby does. She is a cat after all. My beagles wouldn't dream of such behavior.

But sometimes one comes across something that they are not even looking for and at first glance, not even remotely interested in. But ah, your brain knows different. I purchased my containers and left the store but thought about the item I was not interested in. Strange...browsed through the next shop, right next door, and the whole time browsing I thought about the item in the shop I had just left. I thought how I had never seen one like it before. I have a small collection of them, very small. Not something I actively pursue. Thought I would love to draw it, maybe use it in a painting. The reason I was not interested in it in the first place was, I saw it had no use in it's present condition, I had put it and my thoughts in a box. I realized I loved the object and practically ran out of the shop, back to the first shop and walked, speed walked, straight to the shelf and picked that old enamel tea pot up and cradled it as I walked to the desk to pay for it. I brought it home and gently washed it and found it made me smile. It's shape is wonderful, the "short and stout" of the children's song I sang all the time as a little one ( I had it on a 33 and a third...Oh boy, there are people who don't even know what that is). The spout has a wonderful curve and the body of the pot is so smooth. I have sketched it twice already and I think of things to put with it in a composition. I am inspired by of all things, an old enamel teapot...One never knows when and where that spark will come from. I have learned to be open and ready to act on it. I have been given a gift today, in a few forms.
I leave with a sunset I stopped for on my way home.

Thanks for reading and have a great day being inspired and acting on it.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hopeful Days

Just who are you? Maggie would be interested in knowing...

Then Amy comes up along side to investigate this new you have cookies?

Oh, whatever...I have things to do. Welcome.

The story about the penguin is kind of funny, I guess. Maybe you had to be there. I was having a conversation with a couple of my friends a few weeks back where I was recommending some movies, Eight Below
and the March of the Penguins
In the course of our talk we were talking about the penguins and the size of them. I thought they were my size. When you look at them, they are always against snow...I just always thought of them as people size. Well, our talk was being listened in on with some chuckles and we just looked at them like what is wrong with you all? Well we were educated although I still had my doubts that they knew what they were talking about. Little penguins, really. Sunday I was given a gift bag after church by my friend, Sue's husband. It was with great expectancy that he told me I had to open it there , on the spot, in the parking lot. So I reached in and what did I pull out, a "normal "size penguin I am told. Sue saw it in a store and decided I needed it for size reference. Paul and family enjoyed this so.

Thanks, Sue. He lives in my studio. I still think they are larger. It just doesn't seem right.I will leave you with this image I took tonight. As I was beginning to cook dinner this evening, I passed the window on my way to get something, when I saw this, dropped everything and ran outside with my camera. I just stayed outside and admired this beautiful sky. The weather has been unseasonably mild for the past few days. It was so nice to just stand outside and take in the sunset. Seed catalogs have started to arrive. Trying to not get ahead of myself but it is hard. I am in a funk, and can't get out of my own way. I need warmer weather, windows opened, and longer days. Tired of the dark short days, but I do see the difference as small as it is. They are getting slowly longer, minutely so, but longer none the less. Cause for hope. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Caucus Days

Well, tonight has been an interesting evening politically. The results are encouraging on allot of levels. Especially the numbers of people who decided show up and make a difference. People are showing the obvious, enough is enough. That's it. All I have to say. Have a great night and thanks for reading.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Days 0f 2008

Happy New Year!

I feel like I am coming up for air. Things are going back to normal.
The tree is down and none to soon either, decorations neatly packed away. In putting boxes away I wondered how did the basement get like this...So as I was sweeping and beginning to rearrange I was thinking about the year ahead as well as the year that had just ended. I have spent this first day of 2008 in pajamas and making soup and trying to make some order in my house and in thoughts. At midnight I had a brush in my hand, so on all counts, a good beginning.

It has been a good year with its share of joy, good times, trying new things, going back to things I have always wanted to do...because of these things I was able to go through the not so joyful things, the sadnesses, the losses. I am grateful, grateful for the balance I suppose.
I am also looking at the things that were not working for me and how to change them or change me. So for 2008 I am going to continue my quest to paint, for me... , to paint like I just don't care(but you really do), and to let go of the outcome. I also enjoyed taking pictures this year. Going somewhere on purpose to take photos. I did that a few times and just got lost , in a zone as they say. I want to continue to expand my weaving as well, learn new things. Use up the fiber I have accumulated. But in order to do these things and do them well, I need to be peaceful and focused. I have not worked this all out yet, but small steps. Sometimes peace comes in the seeking. So seek on.
Speaking of weaving. I entered "my" room and who do I find relaxing? Miss Abigale looking quite pleased with herself
The weaving group was just discussing this problem a few weeks ago. What is she reading e-mail lately? Figuring the other cats are doing it, why not me. Well she, Abby, woke up pretty quick, quite abruptly actually. But she has been back and also visiting another loom in the kitchen. Yes, looms just sprout in here.

Well so much for getting this posted on January 1, it is now January 2. Have a great year, filled with joy, health and peace. And thanks for reading.