Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hopeful Days

Just who are you? Maggie would be interested in knowing...

Then Amy comes up along side to investigate this new thing...do you have cookies?

Oh, whatever...I have things to do. Welcome.

The story about the penguin is kind of funny, I guess. Maybe you had to be there. I was having a conversation with a couple of my friends a few weeks back where I was recommending some movies, Eight Below
and the March of the Penguins
In the course of our talk we were talking about the penguins and the size of them. I thought they were my size. When you look at them, they are always against snow...I just always thought of them as people size. Well, our talk was being listened in on with some chuckles and we just looked at them like what is wrong with you all? Well we were educated although I still had my doubts that they knew what they were talking about. Little penguins, really. Sunday I was given a gift bag after church by my friend, Sue's husband. It was with great expectancy that he told me I had to open it there , on the spot, in the parking lot. So I reached in and what did I pull out, a "normal "size penguin I am told. Sue saw it in a store and decided I needed it for size reference. Paul and family enjoyed this so.

Thanks, Sue. He lives in my studio. I still think they are larger. It just doesn't seem right.I will leave you with this image I took tonight. As I was beginning to cook dinner this evening, I passed the window on my way to get something, when I saw this, dropped everything and ran outside with my camera. I just stayed outside and admired this beautiful sky. The weather has been unseasonably mild for the past few days. It was so nice to just stand outside and take in the sunset. Seed catalogs have started to arrive. Trying to not get ahead of myself but it is hard. I am in a funk, and can't get out of my own way. I need warmer weather, windows opened, and longer days. Tired of the dark short days, but I do see the difference as small as it is. They are getting slowly longer, minutely so, but longer none the less. Cause for hope. Thanks for reading and have a great day!


cheryl said...

mom,I love your blog....your pics.Those dogs should have a sitcom. I love you...goodnight.

cindy said...

Wow..................adult penguins are that short!! I was ignorant myself!!!

Looking forward to longer days as well.....I've been checking out my driveway garden as the snow is gone and it still looks good.