Sunday, July 26, 2009

Full Days...

I hardly know where to begin. I have been busy with all sorts of things but didn't feel the push to write about any of it...just lost the muse for blog writing as well as everything else to be honest. Trying to gain it back or find it...not easy.

It has been an extremely busy summer with graduations and their parties to attend as well as weddings,showers, birthdays parties, holiday BBQ', etc. I made it to the beach with my daughter's once so far this summer. I have worked in my flower gardens a couple of times but usually get chased in by rain. Just have not been able to do much weaving or paint...kind of discouraging, like a huge cement block on my path...

I did manage to finish this small tapestry, well I had to if I wanted to move the loom into another room... This was based on a pattern from Nancy Harvey's book, Weaving Tapestry. I am teaching myself with the help of her book. I was also able to ask some questions of tapestry artist, Tommye McClure Scanlin. I realized from reading her blog that one of her looms was also a Leclerc Tissart. Her help with some logistical questions about my loom was invaluable. She also teaches via her website and I was able to ask questions in response to her slide show.

My last post I spoke of my loom acquisitions and after turning my house literally upside down to accommodate all the looms, I passed the Hollandia on, in the same spirit of how it was passed on to me. I gave it to a friend who has a burning desire to weave. Her 20 something daughter has some interest in it as well. Passing that on has freed up some space. I spent some time weaving on it before I decided to send it on and it is a great loom but I have a 40" Macomber,

which was beginning to pout for lack of attention. It is now warped and ready to weave. It will have to be a speedy weave though... as the item( gift)is needed for next week. I have done some maintenance on it as Sarah advised. It is running smoothly even though the humidity is high, kind of like weaving under water. Anyway, I need to memorize the treadling and then I can just get into the zone and weave, I call it memorizing the dance.

So here I am, still fighting for time and inspiration and space...some things just do not change...but have a great day.