Monday, January 2, 2017

Day 2
Angel Trumpets #2
Oil on stretched canvas

Sunday, January 1, 2017

A New Beginning/ Painting Challenge 2017

I am once again, taking part in a new paint challenge for a few reasons.  I think it will help get me back into the studio, daily...thinking about painting and actually painting as I have hit a few walls of late.  Also it brings me right back to my blog which I some times think about writing also more regularly.  So with that, I believe there is always room and time for new beginnings.

This first day of the year also found me drawing my fourteen year old beagle, Maggie.  Just fast sketches of her, which I enjoy doing, both of her and in general.  I love to do fast line drawings comprised of much mark making to get to the essence of my subject.  My girl is aging visibly with her little white face and weight loss,  and not so obvious is her deafness, weak hips, and confusion.  But she still loves to beg, eat, and nap with an occasional run, with her bad hips to the door or kitchen to eat.

And the challenge painting for today...

Angel's Trumpet #1