Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Days 0f 2008

Happy New Year!

I feel like I am coming up for air. Things are going back to normal.
The tree is down and none to soon either, decorations neatly packed away. In putting boxes away I wondered how did the basement get like this...So as I was sweeping and beginning to rearrange I was thinking about the year ahead as well as the year that had just ended. I have spent this first day of 2008 in pajamas and making soup and trying to make some order in my house and in thoughts. At midnight I had a brush in my hand, so on all counts, a good beginning.

It has been a good year with its share of joy, good times, trying new things, going back to things I have always wanted to do...because of these things I was able to go through the not so joyful things, the sadnesses, the losses. I am grateful, grateful for the balance I suppose.
I am also looking at the things that were not working for me and how to change them or change me. So for 2008 I am going to continue my quest to paint, for me... , to paint like I just don't care(but you really do), and to let go of the outcome. I also enjoyed taking pictures this year. Going somewhere on purpose to take photos. I did that a few times and just got lost , in a zone as they say. I want to continue to expand my weaving as well, learn new things. Use up the fiber I have accumulated. But in order to do these things and do them well, I need to be peaceful and focused. I have not worked this all out yet, but small steps. Sometimes peace comes in the seeking. So seek on.
Speaking of weaving. I entered "my" room and who do I find relaxing? Miss Abigale looking quite pleased with herself
The weaving group was just discussing this problem a few weeks ago. What is she reading e-mail lately? Figuring the other cats are doing it, why not me. Well she, Abby, woke up pretty quick, quite abruptly actually. But she has been back and also visiting another loom in the kitchen. Yes, looms just sprout in here.

Well so much for getting this posted on January 1, it is now January 2. Have a great year, filled with joy, health and peace. And thanks for reading.

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cindy said...

Happy New Year!!! Ever onward, my friend!