Saturday, November 7, 2009

Foster Open Studios

This post will be short. Not much to say except went to an Artist Open Studios event in the northwest part of RI. Saw some nice art being made and some wonderful studios... in barns and new small buildings, wonderful spaces. Then before heading home it was to Utrechts for some 300 lb watercolor paper and masking tape. Pretty exciting stuff ...

No knitting or weaving has been going on yesterday or today. So my sweater still needs a sleeve and finishing. My looms are empty. Just spinning my wheels...Went through my art supplies...didn't do anything...just rearranged, probably in the same way I had them in the first place. I am so stuck. The whole cellar thing has tipped me up side down.

Well I am beginning to see that it wouldn't be complete without a Maggie shot. I thought about taking her with me today but she is such a home body I decided against it. But as soon as I was on my way I was sorry I didn't try her. I would have like the company.

Thanks for reading. Peace...

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