Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 12...

Day 12 and I am even short a post or two because I started late and I am at a loss for words. Kind of a quiet day. Dragged my farm table back in because the weather is changing. It grew too cold to work on it any further and a storm is coming up the coast, I think they are calling it a Northeaster. I don't mind, a good excuse to hunker down and be cozy and just be.

I began a painting today. I was excited to get painting. There just never is time or I am looking for a place in my house to physically put my self to do so. I no sooner began and a family member decided her emergency, in her way of thinking, was more important...Have you seen the movie "Who Does She Think She Is?" Take a peak at the trailer.

I belong to a small group that meets at my church for the purpose of looking at creativity, art and faith. We have worked through some books over the past year or more, beginning with The Artist Way. Now we are working through the book Creativity and Divine Surprise. But the most important thing we do is encourage on another. Tonight we decided to begin a program that was found on a web site called Prayerwindows. We will work it independently then share what we discover and anything we do in the way of art making weekly. I'll let you know...

This is Amy. She is a 13" Beagle. I usually show Maggie on here just because that is how it happens. Amy is getting on in years I guess is the polite way to say it. She is 13 plus years and pretty feisty compared to the meek little thing she used to be...and begging was something she left up to Maggie to do but now her begging skills are up there with the best of them. These days she misses breakfast and sleeps in and most of the day really. I just thought I'd introduce her.

Thanks for reading. Peace.

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