Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tired Tuesday

Well I am past the half way point...day 17. Some days it is pure stretch as to what to write about. Today was made up with doing some of what had to be done, some straitening out, some bill paying, library, purchase dog food, a few groceries and a bottle of aspirin...you know, stuff one just has to do. The library isn't really something I would put in the category of 'have to do', but I did have to pick up something I had requested...the music from the film 'Once'. So of course once there I couldn't leave with just one thing...I ended up leaving with 2 Nora Jones CD's, Eva Cassidy, Hillary James and Quincy Jones. Found the book Sunflowers on the shelf so that came home with me, as it is on my to read list. Then I brought home 2 movies Canvas and Howard's End. A trip to the library wouldn't be complete unless I stopped at the sale table...and of course I brought home Francine Rivers' Redeeming Love and Linda Novick's The Painting Path, both 1 dollar each. If that was not enough a friend called today and she told me she had listened to Larry Crabb's The Papa Prayer. I had a credit on i tunes, so I downloaded that and got it loaded on my i pod to listen while knitting or weaving. I brought home a lot of entertainment and all I spent was 2 dollars. The gift of a library...The i tunes was part of a gift card I got for Mothers Day. So a balance of enjoyable errands and the ones not quite so enjoyable...make it all palatable on these cold and dark days.

On the knitting note, picked the sleeve up and settled in to knit. Worked a few rows and looked at it and there it was, a mistake a few rows back...I have tried to isolate the 8 stitches and fix it that way but I keep making a mistake. That's it for today. Tomorrow I will deal with it. And with that I am finished with this post.

Thanks for reading. Peace.

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