Saturday, November 14, 2009

Stormy Saturday

Here is my painting in progress, very preliminary. More a study to learn more about painting leaves. For me though, the fact I began is big...It has been a difficult year or so for many reasons and my creative well has been so dry for so long and yet the urge to paint is sometimes all I can think about...

Today I went to my spinning guild meeting which is held most of the year at Slater Mill. Slater is a historic spinning and weaving mill where the birth of industrialization began, so it is pretty cool that we meet here. There are also knitting, weaving, quilting and basket making guilds now meeting here on a regular basis as well as a variety of classes making it a valuable fiber arts center. Todays meeting was focusing on plying techniques and needle felting, with these being demonstrated by members. We was given a felting needle and some dyed fiber to make a pumpkin. There is a good tutorial on You Tube. There was also a demonstration on making center pull balls of yarn and this is show it being done using a nostepine. That's Cindy demoing...Judy was beside her. I took their pictures but I didn't bet permission to post them but I'll link their blogs.

Then we have Stan with his needle felted cigar and in his lap he is working on an ash tray. Jen is hard at work on an angel.

And the result of my needle felting...still needs finishing but I need more light. As I was adding the wool I was thinking it is a watercolor pumpkin because the wool I was given is multicolor , so it was not just one shade of orange.

So for a very stormy Saturday it was a great day. Some research dealing with my painting, a trip to Utrecht's for a couple of tubes of needed paint and another sheet of 300 lb paper with a 40% coupon, and then to the guild meeting where it is always good to hang out with my creative, fun friends, some of whom I have known now a good many years. Yes, today was a filling of the well.

Have a good evening and thanks for reading. Peace.


bySarah said...

Now I am extra sad I had to leave early and missed the needlefelting demo...the stuff everyone made is SO CUTE!! (Is it ok to call a fake cigar cute?) Thanks for sharing your pics of the day.

Carol said...

Thanks, Sarah. Sorry I missed you. I arrived a little late.