Sunday, November 15, 2009

Slow Sunday

A quiet Sunday, and that I found was the problem...I came home from church at odds with myself. I had plenty I could do and even wanted to do yet I was finding it so hard to settle down and do something, any thing. Instead I paced and just could not settle down, kept thinking I should be doing something, going somewhere...finally took a small nap...not even sure if I slept at all but got up and felt better minus the feeling I should be somewhere or doing something. I found it so hard to just be still, just be...

On the way home from church this morning I stopped at Savers. I love to browse their book section and sometimes I find exactly what I am looking for.

Today I found this. I had a copy of my own years ago but it, like a few of my books, has gone missing. My Thomas Merton books, all missing, for example. Every once in a while I think 'I use to have that book'. Some I don't care to replace but there are some, this was one of the important ones to me. So it was a nice gift, really, I was only charged a dollar for it. Even better!

One daughter popped in to visit and it was a good visit then my other daughter came in and the three of us continued to have a good visit with tea and talk...I love those moments, treasure them actually. My son called while they were here so that was nice as well as he out of state and we don't get to see him too often.

After they had left I then sat and played, just mixing colors on the paper.

This day showed me very clearly I am too serious at times...I don't let myself just play. When we were children play was how we learned...when did that change for us?

Thanks for reading. Peace

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