Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fun in the Afternoon

My daughter had a day off from work today which is all too rare. She is a hard worker, a single Mom to three young men, two in college and one on his way in to the Army after the holidays. Oh yes, and a Bulldog. Up to recently she didn't really have anything that she could just sit and relax and do that was just for her. She gardens and loves it but this is New England and the growing season isn't that long.

I have been knitting things and giving them to her as gifts over the years and she wears them all proudly...ahem, all except one. She chose a sweater, a beautiful Aran pullover with equally beautiful yarn. She purchased all of this and it was agreed that I would make it for her along with a 6 foot scarf( a least it seemed that long, also cabled). I finished it in record time and she was able to wear it that winter...that is until she decided to shrink it a wee bit...she forgot it and it went through a full wash cycle and into the dryer it came out looking like a pot holder. It took a few days for her to tell me. I have no idea what she was thinking but she was sad enough without me going there. Now we are able to laugh, somewhat...She asked would I make it again. Answer from me, not on your life, kiddo. But I will teach you how to do it.

And teach I did. To date she had finished scarves, a felted bag, and a wonderful little sweater out of a Noro book she liked. She has found her way around the knitting world on the internet to purchased yarn and she has joined Ravelry. Her current project is on the cover of Fall '09 Interweave Knits. A very ambitious project at that, but she wants to knit what she likes and will wear. So I encouraged her to go for it. She cast on a week or so ago and her goal is to wear it this winter. So today after our respective errands we decided to hang out at my table and knit. She has learned well. She brought pastry, I made tea and we ate pastry, all of it.
My other daughter came in and we were telling stories,laughing, discussing disturbing news stories, and playing with dogs. Dogs, the great levelers when things get hard. Meanwhile she is trying to reach inch 19 on the back which means she can begin the raglan shaping. She made it. I on the other hand was trying to keep track of a Aran sleeve while we were having fun and I was missing a stitch.... I had to fix something this morning, and now I had to fix something else. So I ripped back and found the little stitch that somehow got included with a bobble...So I am back on my way and hopefully without anymore stops along the way.

So teach someone to knit. We are trying to entice Cheryl to come over to the knitting side. She is starting to feel left out. I was willing today but she wasn't. She knows that I am ready when she is.

Also made a trip to Joann's with my Granddaughter who likes to make jewelry. She was in need of supplies. I browsed through the 14.99 magazines. When did magazines get so expensive?

Passages this evening. A full day full of inspiration. Have a great evening and thanks for reading.Peace

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Cheryl said...

Love the blog for yesterday Mom!