Sunday, September 21, 2014

Thirty Paintings-Day21

My son sent me some photos he had on his phone as well as a video.  They were moments I had forgotten early in the in-home hospice phase.  He was starting to loose weight and in many I am looking tired, the beginnings of a fatigue of mind and body I will never forget.  But then there were the moments when we would still hug, hold hands, and just show our love for each other.  He was the love of my life and I his.  As hard as it is sometimes to only be able to see him on a video or a photograph some how I am comforted to paint him and us.  Grateful that I can.  I am not looking for realism especially something done in a few hours but rather the gesture, the essence in this case of us.  I think I succeeded in catching that.

                                                          Embracing You in My Heart
                                                          oil, 6"x7" Masonite board

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