Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thirty Paintings-Day 4

In my search for an ordinary object which really is not what I wanted to do, the search I mean.  That defeats my purposes.  In ordinary I want the subject to just show up.  So in a way it did today.  Less time was spent in a hunt but I just thought what are the everyday things I enjoy.  A cup of Tazo Zen Tea revives I have a painting for day four.

I am already learning about time management and that I don't but at this point in my life I am not worrying about that.   I am also thinking about some of the things that I had forgotten over the last year and a half of not painting regularly.  I am also beginning to see what I do not want to continue and beginning to remember where I was headed...wanting to free up, use larger brushes, and let go.  I want to listen to myself and not the other voices of what a cup of tea is 'suppose' to look like but rather what I want it to feel like.  So I am taking will all be on this blog for you and for me.  My painting, as I am, is evolving, hopefully.  Thank you for visiting today!

                                                           Last Flower of Summer
                                                            oil, 8"x10" canvas

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K Spoering said...

I love painting my cups of coffee and tea, almost as much as I love drinking them! So I really like this painting. I also like your green tomatoes. This has also not been a good tomato year for us. Too cool and wet. We got quite a few little grape tomatoes, but the big ones have been a disappointment. I'm hoping for some green ones to make pickalilli with towards the end of the month, but may have to buy some.

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