Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Thirty Day Painting Challenge-Day 2

I awoke today remembering it was yet another anniversary of loss.  My mother died two years ago today,  three thousand miles away and I could not leave my husband.  The odd things that come to you sometimes.   She loved danish pastry and fig squares.  Once upon a time they were something I made trips to the bakery for as Richard and I also loved pastries.  Those days long gone for me.  But this morning I thought of my mother and decided I would find a bakery and buy 'her' a raspberry danish.  So I ventured out into the ninety plus  temperatures with the same amount of humidity searching for the right danish I had in my mind.  One of the last things she said to me via a long phone call before she became ill was she wished I was there and we could have coffee or tea with something 'good' together and just talk.  I so wished that too.  I always thought there would be time to share that with her.  It was not to be.

                                                            A Danish for Mom
                                                            oil, 8"x10" canvas panel

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K Spoering said...

Another great painting! I hope you enjoyed eating it after you painted it. I can see the love you have for your mother in the work. I am dealing with end of life issues with both parents right now, and am working to move them here to make it a bit easier for all of us. Hard times. Times that do make you lose the urge to create, but I find when I force myself to create anyway, it is healing. I hope you find that as well.

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