Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thirty Paintings-Day 11

This is not a successful painting but the idea is to get in the studio and work.  That I did but today was not my day.  I was distracted with errands, phone calls, and visits. I also was hit with multiple waves of grief which can stop me in my tracks and it did.  But I can be obsessive in that this is a challenge for thirty paintings and I am going for the thirty.  This one was a disappointment after a few days of a roll if you will.  I painted and wiped off a number of times.  Also was not happy with my support but was out of  6"x6" panels.  The surface on this one should have been sanded.  But it is as finished as much as I want it to be at this point.  Not sure what the deal was or maybe it was a little of everything.  So today's success was that I worked in the studio a few hours and I in fact painted, though frustrated.

                                                                    Orange Slice
                                                                     0il, 6"x6"masonite

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