Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thirty Paintings-Day 25

Found a photo of one of my favorite spots here in Rhode Island, on the island of Jamestown.  A spot at the southern tip of Jamestown called Beavertail.  I believe it is named so because of the outcropping of rock which kind of reminds one of flattened tails of the beaver.  At least it does me.  The sunsets are spectacular from Beavertail because one looks west across the bay.  The sunsets  leave beautiful reflections on the water, so a double treat if you will.

Another hard day of grief...waves after wave plus a sick dog which required an expensive vet visit which just produced more tears.  She is twelve and psychologically, my last link to my husband.  As I wrote earlier this month she was with me that morning he died.  I am so not ready to loose her.  It appears she has Horner's Syndrome.

                                                                   Sunset With You
                                                                   oil, 8"x8" Masonite

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