Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Sunset Rose Hips, Day Six

                                                               Sunset With Rose Hips
                                                                   Watercolor, 5"x7"

Another long day that revolved around a final goodbye to someone  who was a good man... a husband, a father, a grandfather, a great grandfather, worker,  friend, and even a volunteer.   Leaving a legacy of his wife and family of over sixty years,  a good and productive family, my son-in-law being one of them.  But yet there is a sadness because with each loss one realizes how close we all are to that finality.   We are all marching in time towards it.  That's what I do, I process,  I think, and I usually walk away without answers.  In this case, I guess it simply is to live, just live our ordinary lives,  all the moments, and be grateful for them. I believe there a sacredness in the ordinary, if we allow ourselves to see it.  I am an observer and take it all in, always have.  I came home so tired and weary this afternoon and began to take care of myself with rest, food, and not really attending to anything.  Tonight, feeling somewhat normal again, I painted this from memory along with a little sketch I had completed for reference, at the Charleston Breachway.  I sat drawing the rose hips that evening as the sun was going down, feeling so totally at one with myself and all that was around me. The ordinary...

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Sheila said...

Beautiful post, and piece :)

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