Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Morning Violets, Day Five

                                                                   Morning Violets  
                                                                    watercolor, 5"x7"  

This painting was done this week, waiting in the wings  for such a day as this.  The day after a three day weekend, full of the new month errands, bill paying, and the unexpected death of my daughter's father-in-law.  So a wake was in today's plan, a sad plan.

This little watercolor was done in a sketchbook the other morning.   It is a little African Violet I found in Trader Joe's along with a pink one, which I actually painted yesterday in oil.  I like doing sketchbook paintings and drawings of what is in front of me.  I suppose I think, 'sketchbook', and relax.   Usually I title the page, 'From Where I Sit'...though this one and a few others, I did not title in that way.  They are a meditation of sorts and seem to lead me to my oils.   I am finding a looseness now in my watercolors , a change in my approach, which I have been working towards.  So with that,  I offer it today.

My time will have to be budgeted well because I found out tonight I have a baby shower to attend for my first great grand babies.  Yes, babies.  Twins.  A long hormonal story, mom just found out about the pregnancy and the twins, three weeks ago.  I am  making not one, but now two quilts.  And if that is not enough pressure, was told tonight the shower is September 23.  So I will continue all of these ventures with just budgeting out my time better, hoping for no more unexpected events...

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