Monday, August 22, 2011

Taking Stock...

Well summer, for all intents and purposes, is almost finished. It has been a strange one filled with loss, a wedding, a summer class, bugs, bag worms( arborvitae pests),

bee stings, oppressive heat and humidity...and accidents as well as the regular ups and downs of life. I didn't get anything done that I had planned to, which has been weighing heavily on me. My loom still has the same project on it since May...painted only three little paintings.

My finger is still swollen and weak...told it can sometimes take up to 6 months to heal...bothersome. Amazing how much one depends on that finger for some as simple as a mug of coffee can prove to be too heavy if not held right. Weaving has been some what difficult...those of you who are weavers, think about how we send the shuttle back and forth.

I did make it to the beach, once this summer, but with all that said, I am ready for the change of seasons. I love Fall, it's my favorite.

This post is somewhat disjointed...guess that is how I am feeling. Classes start next Monday and I think I could rest another 6 weeks...feeling that fatigued. My words skim over the top of what I really think... and need to write but leave unsaid. Hard navigating through life sometimes...Still
trying to learn the lessons of surrender...

Something Maggie seems to have down...That's my knitting bag she has claimed to rest her little head...good dog, Maggie, good dog.

Have a great day and thanks for reading.

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cindy said...

Love the flowers! They are my favorite. Hope the fall brings more comfort and painting.