Sunday, August 7, 2011

Busy Days...but Not Exactly What I Had Planned

Each day has a way of just running into the next...not sure where one begins and the next leaves off. I had great plans to work hard but found many interruptions and distractions and accidents have hampered my plans...The heat and humidity I do not enjoy and it really interferes...Then there is the flea battle...even though poor Maggie has been on Frontline Plus since May. I have spoken to the vet and the company...vacuum and wash floors daily. Well I could have done that without the Frontline? I comb her and I am disgusted. Company says kills new fleas in 4 to 18 hours...never had this problem before. But evidently I am not alone because the company has extended new guarantees regarding the problem according to the papers sent out by my vet. So I comb poor Maggie, vacuum and wash floors.

Then there is the sprained finger. Walked my regular three miles two weeks ago then pick up Maggie and took her for a little walk. I began to run, turned my head to check to see if she was running and hit a curb and slid on my knees, elbow, and fingers. Quite the mess. Had an ex-ray and came back as a bad sprain. Ice and elevate. Still not working right, swollen and stiff.

Then there is the bag worm invasion of my arborvitae trees in front of my house...long story but suffice to say one needs to pick them off...yuk, gross...and I got stung by a hornet on the other hand, same finger while picking. So now I was icing both hands. So no weaving or painting has found it's way to completion which has been frustrating.

And that is but a few of the things keeping me occupied this summer. There have been some good things too, fun things. A trip with my small Art Group to Boston to the Museum of Art, and a Studio Tour in a another part of out state and Southeastern Massachusetts on another Sunday afternoon. There have been parties and a baby girl born to a wonderful young couple, wedding shower for another couple leading up to their wedding today! She is my best friend's grand daughter. So I am looking forward to this afternoon being with people I love and celebrating a new marriage, a new adventure for a loving young God Bless Jessie and Ben today and their future...and may the rain stop any time now...

Have a great day and thanks for reading...

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