Saturday, August 27, 2011

Calm Before the Storm...

India Point Park, Providence, RI ( Narragansett Bay)

Well the preparations are finished, yard cleared of summer, nothing left to become a missile and the drizzle has begun but the storm is 24 hours away from Rhode Island. The storm being Hurricane Irene. We have not gone through a large one here in 20 years or more...not sure what to expect as the reports change frequently. Everything has been canceled for the next few days. The warning goes from our south coast, on the ocean, right up the mouth of Narragansett Bay ,

Cranston, RI on Narragansett Bay

all the way up to Providence and all the cities and towns that surround it, with where I live being one of them. I live far enough away from it to not have to worry about the predicted surge. But on the other hand, I live not far from the Pawtuxet River and therefore our water table is usually high causing concern because of the copious amounts of rain also predicted.

We will possibly loose power as my electricity provider just sent an e-mail giving specifics... Didn't know they had my e-mail address but the big clue to this storm's impending presence was the arrival of Jim Cantore, of The Weather Channel to Providence on you know when he shows up it can't be good. I believe he is in New York City now, 3 hours away from us.

But for today, it is calm, quiet, and oh so humid. You could 'cut the air with a knife' is one saying or 'swimming on land'...or 'wearing your air', some what uncomfortable. I plan to take pictures and watch the power and might of weather...awe inspiring. I'll move my car, 'Gracie', to the other side of the house as I have a huge oak tree near the drive way and the house for that matter. That tree is probably older than me and I don't think it is going anywhere...I hope not anyway, I love that tree. But rather be safe than my car too.

It has certainly been a strange year for extreme weather here in the Northeast. More snow than we have ever seen in a long time, then the terribly uncomfortable heat and humidity of this past summer. and let me not forget the earthquake near Washington, DC this week that some felt as far as New England...I was not one of them.

So that is my day today...I wish I was down by the shore to see the surf, maybe some chowder, clamcakes and the spray of ocean...can't imagine not living near the ocean.

Thanks for reading, have a great day and God bless...

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K Spoering said...

I have kids in the Boston area and they are getting rain, but not expecting much more there. Stay safe and dry! Good time to begin a new knitting project!