Monday, April 2, 2007

I finish one sock and started the second. Always feels good to finally be working on sock number two. It is Wendy's pattern, from the toe up. Trekking sock yarn on size 1 double points. Great pattern.

Then there is the Lady Eleanor Entrelac Wrap from Scarf Style by Pam Allen. This is nearly finished. I am using Patons SWS and I am amazed how the colors seemingly changed as I went from block to block. I couldn't have even planned it better. I love the feel of this yarn-70% wool and 30% soy. It was been comfortable to use if that makes any sense to you, it does to me. I am very tactile as I think most fiber people are, so it has to feel good, very soft. It will be very soothing to wrap up in.
Then last is an Aran sweater from an old Candide pattern being knit with Bartlett yarn, one of my favorite yarns. The back is finished and I am working on the left front, now at the armhole shaping. I found the trick to Aran knitting is to try to pick it up every night or when ever you knit, but the point is as you work on it daily you tend to memorize the stitches and that allows you to sail on up the fronts, back and sleeves without constantly checking the directions. So there you have it.
I was told about a book by a friend Saturday and was able to find it at the library. I love the library, one of my favorite places. I have been loosing myself there since I was a child. I think of it as my personal bookshelves that just happen to be a few miles away. The book is : Three Cups of Tea
by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin.
Have a great day, thanks for reading.


Kristen said...

You always have great projects on the needles. I have seen your Lady Eleanor in person and can testify it is stunning. Bartlett is a favorite here, too.

jj said...

Carol!! Your links work!! I picked up Three Cups of Teas yesterday, too.
Lady E is beautiful.

Cheryl said...

Oh, I cannot wait to try on your entrelac wrap! It looks so inviting! I've just started reading The Samurai's Garden per your suggestion and already the tears are flowing :)
Great job with the blog - you're inspiring me, my friend, as usual :) I love you!!

cindy said... are a treasure!!! I love your projects.........all of them!! The Candide sweater has wonderful texture; I'm lusting for an aran to knit. Just what I need ...another project.

Of course, Lady E is beautiful as well. Nice to see your knitting in this way.

I'm calling you the link lady today!!!

mad angel said...

Hey, look at you, here in Blog World at last! Nice socks, nice Aran sweater. I am working on the Civil War Shawl at the moment (pics on my blog), getting ready for Easter, and adjusting to Mom being in cardiac rehab following bypass surgery at the end of March. Am taking a leave of absence from work until early June, so maybe we will cross paths one of these days at Sue's. Hopefully Ma won't need me to be with her every single moment of every single day. Glad you are out here writing now, and will add you to my blog links. Love ya.

Anonymous said...

dibs on the blanket. I can tell already that it will be a beauty. su

Anonymous said...

Hi...I've been searching the internet for the Candide Aran pattern. I have an original, just like the one shown behind your sweater. Here's my question...I believe I'm missing Charts 1-3 (have Chart 4) you know if this pattern is replicated in a book, or can be found, or can be copied? please email me at

suze said...

Carol...Your projects are beautiful. Your sweater made my heartrate go up. In 1967, while in college, I made 4 Candide Aran Sweaters, one for each of my brothers. After several moves, the pattern has gone missing.I have gone on the Reynolds website but they have ceased to make the pattern. There is no copyright. Can you help me get a copy of the pattern?
Hopefully yours,
Suze in Kenai

suze said...

Hi carol. As usual, your needles produce great stuff! I have used Wendy's toe-up sock pattern with great results, too. Would you please share your old Candide Aran Sweater pattern. I had one back in the '60s but it got lost during one of many moves. I'd be glad to share the old Candide Aran Cap and Mittens pattern that I managed to hang on to. let me know. Thanks. suze

Karen said...

I have clean copies of both the candide aran pattern, and the aran cap and mitten pattern. I am starting the cap and mittens now. I made 3 sweaters (2 pullover and 1 cardigan) from the sweater pattern in the early 80s. And I even have original stash of candide yarn in dark charcoal to finish 2 more sweaters. I can share.

MDurkee said...

Any chance you can share the Candide Aran Cap and mitten pattern publicly?