Sunday, April 22, 2007


This has been a hard week, for obvious reasons and some not so obvious. Things that do not make any sense at all to me and yet totally understanding, to some degree. Then there was the storm, the northeaster, the giver of water to one's basement. The loss of cable, phone and electricity all in one day was just too much. So one night while out doing my 3 mile walk, I thought I couldn't wait to get home and pick up my knitting, I just needed to sit and knit and not think about anything too terribly important. I needed the comfort of the familiar, the needles, the wool. Knitting is one thing I can control...So with that said I finished the left side of my sweater and started right in on the right. Of course I ripped it back once and restarted as forgot to reverse it all...Walking does not cure everything.

Then there was Saturday Spin In so I cleaned and polished my spinning wheels and finished a project I had been spinning for a while. I hesitate to say how long. It is Merino roving multi color that is primarily black, plum and with specks of color. It is plied and waiting to be set. I had planned to weave it. Still thinking about what. I initially wanted to make a triangle shawl on the floor loom with it, but I have already done it with some stash yarn. I used an online pattern from Handwoven. It was easy enough until the point when I had to do the technique that makes it a triangle, a little hard to explain. I unwove it a couple of times and finally finished it but I had to cut and sew to fix the tension problem. So I do not want to try that again. So it will be a shawl I think. Also at the last meeting of our spinning guild we were given some white and black wool from one of our member's sheep. We are to spin it and make something. If I could add the picture without upsetting everything I would. So instead imagine a puff of white and a puff of black

Also the blanket is off the loom. It is finished, washed, ends twisted and stray yarns trimmed, not in that order. I am tired, end of a long day and I fight with blogger to place words and photos. So much to learn, very frustrating. So I have been avoiding posting it all week.

  • I can't let this post end with out a Maggie shot. There is another dog in the house, Amy. I do not get good shots of her yet. Her eyes do weird things in the photos. She also just normally sleeps, on her bed, on the floor, no theatrics...she's eleven(77) and she just can't be bothered with me and my camera. Well, neither can Maggie. And yes, there is a bit of a weight problem...One DD said that Mag looked like an engorged tick. I thought that was a little mean. A bratwurst,maybe, but not a tick...We are working on the problem. I have been measuring her food and keeping the cats food up high. She is a tough one. This is her favorite activity. But she is the but(no pun intended) of allot of jokes around here.
  • This week and this post is finished. I learn a little more with each post but it is frustrating. If anyone knows how to get rid of those silly dots which have elongated to posting space needlessly...Ah, I am going to bed, that dog is looking very comfortable. Thanks for reading and thanks for all the comments. It is encouraging. Have a great day!


upwalker said...

would you mind making friends with a chinese boy whose english is not fluent?
if you don't mind, how about being my english teacher,ha., my MSN

judy said...

The blanket is gorgeous! That is inspiration to take up another skill.. oh my.

cindy said...

You are a busy woman I can see!!! The spun yarn has to be touched my dear. Hopefully I can see it in person on Tuesday night. And you must bring that wonderful plaid blanket and the!!!

Sharon said...

Your weaving makes me quail. I'm such a pretender. As for the dots, I think they're in your html code. Do you have any geek friends???

Kristen said...

The blanket is beautiful; it looks so warm and cozy.