Saturday, May 24, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is here. The gateway to summer, gardens, and cookouts. I have started in on my yard this week in between the rain, wind, and cool temps. I have been wanting to make a bed in my front yard along my imaginary walkway. I saw some indentations along the walkway and with shovel in hand , I began to uncover a real walkway of sorts. I found flagstone, bluestone I am told by my mason neighbor. So bluestone it is. But as you can see I have to make some decisions as to how to proceed with the probable mud. After much research I decided on raising the stone with sand, cover with yard fabric and the mulch in between the stone. The whole point of this was the flower bed but got a walkway out of it.
Then on to the vegetable garden. I began it a couple of years ago as a Lasagna Garden. It was amazing. Great yield, less watering was needed, and virtually no weeds. Last year my husband felt like doing the garden. He did it his way, turn over everything, planted and hope for the best. He had to water all the time, weeds took over and the yield was poor. Guess which way we are going this year? So I am ready with my mulching supplies, great homemade compost, and my seedlings and seeds. I began the other day the layering process. Today, after I return from a bridal shower, I will begin planting. The weather is perfect and forecast to stay this way for the weekend. Oh yes it should be noted that my husband put up a small fence around my vegetable garden. My dogs thought it was their job to hunt the earth worm population and anything else that caught their interest in there. So they have been blocked.

So this weekend is a busy one full of garden plans, planting, filling window boxes and cookout with my family. Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend.


Kristen said...

How cool that you have an almost ready-made walkway.
I've got the lasagna garden going too; it's the only way to go. If men would only listen to us in the first place it would save us all a lot trouble, wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

Hi Cousin,

I let my wife do the major planning and gardening. I schlepp the heavy stuff and do the bull work. We're planning to extend the brick patio and perhaps install a blue stone walkway.

Guess who'll do the digging, spreading brick sand, and laying and cutting bricks? Guess who'll dig the path for the walkway, spread the brick sand and lay the stones?

Meanwhile, we're debating whether to extend the flower beds on each side of the proposed walkway. I'm in favor of get rid of all the grass and planting vegetables among the flowers.

We took yesterday off and drove to CT to visit the grandkids. Tomorrow, we're going to a cookout with friends. Monday, we hope to kayak before the winds and sea build.

Have a great weekend!

cindy said...

Love the lasagna concept and want to try it.'ve been tagged with a meme. See my blog for details.

Linda Horton said...

Hi Carol, I always enjoy reading your blog. I am so sorry about cosmo. I had to put my little max to sleep on April 2. It was such a rough time for me. I had him for fourteen years. I still have Heidi, and she is eighteen years old. I adopted her a year and a half ago. I have moved to a very nice apartment in Narragansett. I can ride my bike to the wall in less than fifteen mins. Its close to walking to work and stores in Wakefield. I still miss everyone from the guild. I keep myself busy with spinning and knitting. I have so mucdh space here. Its a small condo attached to my landlord's house. Two bedrooms upstairs and a large opened area/w kitchen dining area and living room. I have new stove and refrig. I am working three days grooming. I will be working another job in the fall at salon doing odorless nails. Its about time that manicuring license to be used after fourteen years. Have met some new friends. I hang out at Country Corner Yarns on tuesday evening. It gets me out. Gas prices are out of control. Shoe leather express for me and alot of other people. Please send me info on lasagna garden, new to me. I am slowing purchasing some canning eqipment. I think of all of those things I use to do years ago. More things to keep me busy. Hope to see you again.