Thursday, October 16, 2008

Weary Days

Maggie is getting around better now that she is finished the Lyme medication. Begging, running to the door hoping who ever is there will have a cookie or anything...but all is not well. She had another seizure, that is two since February. But in both cases she was very anxious or upset? In February she was afraid of my daughters baby (60 lbs) English Bulldog, took a seizure. Then, other night I ran out to bring her in before a rather large skunk decided to lift it's tail. I scared her I guess but telling her loudly to stop and come. So I guess I have to give my commands in my gentle voice. Who knew...

I have been weaving but my heart is not in it. This has been a hard summer. I can't even believe it is over and it is the middle of October. My daughter's illness was a blow to the system I'll tell you. Then my dog became ill. That hurt emotionally and financially. Then one of my sons moved back home for a while. I can barely find the time or muster the energy to write in this blog. But I am going to try to pick it back up again, even if I post a photo. So I am trying to challenge myself.

The only thing that I seem to turn to are my paints and camera. I have been picking up here and there water soluble oils. They are a little different. Still figuring out how they work. The mixing with water or other mediums kind of confuse me, but I am working on it. This was kind of fun, a use up whats on the palette painting. I did it on 6"x6"gessoed board. Thanks to some great tutorials I bought Masonite and had it cut and gessoed away. I call it Harvest Moon.

Plus still doing watercolor studies. I am thinking if I post things, I will be motivated to continue to paint or draw, both of which I have always loved to do but for various reasons always got put on the back of the proverbial burner. I never let myself take it seriously. Someone told me that at the end of ones life, one doesn't really think about all one has accomplished, but rather what has not been accomplished. I joined a small group of friends, who are artists, to do The Artist Way together over the next 12 weeks or so. I read the book on my own a couple of years ago, now it's time to be accountable and do it with others. It has been encouraging and affirming time together. We are painters, stain glass artist, photographer...I hope it morphs into a support group. We will see.

This past week end had been a busy one, WaterFires, Art Festivals, Enjoying the beautiful fall leaves, apple picking and pie making. But I'll leave that for another day. But here is a shot of our wonderful WaterFires in the middle of downtown Providence.

Thank you for still reading and have a great day.


Now and Then said...

Carol, I love your pumpkin painting - it's abstract and recognizable too, and such a beautiful color. I hope it's a sign that your year is turning around and the holidays coming up will be good ones for you. Hope to see you at the November guild meeting.

K Spoering said...

I'm glad Maggie is doing better. Isn't it amazing how time keeps moving when we feel we are, as best, just standing still and 'coping'? I like the pumpkin painting. I love water soluble oils, but am having trouble painting with them on masonite (which I also decided to try). I think they like canvas better. Hang in there!

cindy said...

What a summer for you and your family, Carol. You are such a bright spot in my day with your wonderful pumpkin and watercolor flower. I love the flower's color and the technique you used! Keep 'em coming. Hope to see you at this Sat's Nov 1st Spin In.

Kristen said...

You have had a draining year, Carol, that is for sure. Hope things are going well with your daughter and your pup. It's nice to be able to turn to hobbies that help give a little peace.

Anonymous said...

Always paint. I love to see your creations and know that in them the deep of you calls out to me. I get to "see" what you feel, what you see. Often the parts are equal to more than the whole. I do not smell the roses as I rush and you make me slow down to see the perfect or imperfect curve on the pumpkin that I took for granted. Sharon