Saturday, September 22, 2007

Summer's Swan Song

I think my sunflowers are still beautiful. This morning, as I was having my coffee, I thought they are bowing and receiving applause for their beautiful performance this summer. I don't have the heart to remove them from the garden so I won't.

This is Cosmo. You met him with his new brother...
Well it appears that big, smiling, happy boy's days are numbered, exactly how long, we don't know. He went to the vet for an exam and to check one thing and another thing was found instead...the tests were done and the phone call received...he has cancer, untreatable. My daughter and my grandsons are pretty upset, obviously. He has been a part of their lives, our lives for 10 years, through the good and bad, he was always there sometimes when other weren't. So without getting overly emotional we have a plan. I have personally been to the pet supply store twice this week for special cookies for him(all natural). I run to her house, load them with peanut butter(his favorite food) and feed him. So we are going to love on him, spoil him...They are fighting over who's bed he is going to sleep in each night. Only dog lover's will understand our sadness, and our need to make him comfortable and happy, that is OK. It is not "just a dog" but someone we love and care for...I have promised my daughter that she will not have to go alone to the vet if he is suffering but I am really praying it does not come to that, rather I would like him to go from natural causes, just find him "gone" one morning, quietly and peacefully, that's my prayer. Feel free to join me in that one.
We had a scare on Wednesday. My daughter called me, panicked. Cos can't walk , he is shaking and won't eat. We only found out on Monday so I couldn't see as he would fail that quickly. But then in talking to my other daughter it seems she came on Tuesday to take the boy for a walk or we thought. Instead she took him jogging, 4 times around the lake and up and down some hills. He was leaning against her when they were done...? Our question, what were you thinking, he is 70 in dog years, he is not use to that much exercise. Anyway he is better, he survived his Aunt's exercise therapy.
I managed to finish a pair of socks, but really have not done much. In a creative slump of sorts and have been extremely busy with various things.
Have a great day and thanks for reading.


Iris said...

I'll be thinking about you, your family, and your dear dog. We went through this in February with our 15-year-old best buddy. These days can be at once wonderful and difficult, heart-wrenching even, but as we said again and again, we wouldn't have missed our dog's twilight time for anything in the world. They really teach us about love, don't they.

Carol said...

Thank you, Iris, beautifully put...Yes they do teach us about love, the capacity for unconditional love amazes me.

Kristen said...

I'm sorry about Cosmo. It's good he has a caring family to make his remaining life full of love.

Lorraine Evans said...

Our little dog is 18, we have had to confine him to the Kitchen and Laundry rooms and are back to puppy pads and diapers. But he seems fine other than the bathroom habits. He sleeps a lot our little butch.